For the last decade, I have helped organizations like yours create compelling projects that raise money, change hearts, and build long-term loyalty to the mission.

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Story is the variable.

We all want to make an impact on the world through our lives and our work. But it's not easy. We are up against challenges everywhere that we turn, and whether we know it or not, that's a good thing. Because we are wired to find ourselves in the middle of a story—in the middle of a conflict—and we are at our best when we have to fight for what we love most. Solving the problems that we face, whether individually or as a group, is often a result of reframing our minds to see the conflict in a new way. Let's work together to shape and understand the story you are in.

At my core, 
I'm a storyteller.


That's manifested in different ways over the years. I've directed films and commercials, worked as the editor-in-chief of a magazine, led creative teams for brands, served on a church staff, and worked as a pure freelancer. I also publish my personal creative work and a podcast through a production company I own, and am the founder of Dangerous Saints, a fellowship for men. 


My work has taken me around the world, and I feel like I'm just getting started. Here's what I've learned so far: no matter what change you are trying to make, it all starts with story. Let's work together to make an impact wherever you are. 


I'm not a therapist or a life coach. I'm a storyteller. And when it's hard to see what to do next, a storyteller can help put things into a context that we inherently understand. Your life, your business, your nonprofit—every change we want to make is best understood as part of a larger story. Let's talk about the next chapter in yours. 


There is tremendous power and opportunity that comes when individuals gather together to learn and be equipped with new tools to make a bigger impact in their own lives and on the lives of others. At your next event, let's make sure the message from the stage results in the impact you envisioned.


To develop deep and long-lasting loyalty among your customers and employees, your organization needs to be intentional about the story you're telling and the way that you are telling it. That starts within your heart and motivations, but we need to see it in the creative and communication you share with the world. With the right strategy, we can close the gap between your vision and what the world sees. 

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