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We Have More Than Enough

I came into this world with more than I will ever need.

Like the poor man and the rich man, the wise man and the fool, I have the power of eternity sewn in my heart and my mind. Each one of us is evidence of eternity--our bodies, our breath a remnant of the fire that forged the universe, evidence of the fire that will justify all who are brought into it. Like silver, we will be refined and purified in his fire.

The maker of the stars made us. The maker of mountains made us, not in a reckless sweep of the hand but one by one, you, crafted as an image of the first image. This belongs to me. It belongs to you, and all who have come before us and all who will come after us. No living man or woman was made outside of the image of God, and because of this we cannot acquire more than we already have. Riches are silly. Possessions are temporary. Applause comes to an end. Health runs out.

But we go on living. We breathe again. Beauty presents itself to us through the ages and we must remember that we are capable of holding on to it, that we are capable of creating it ourselves.

And it is this truth that becomes the deepest source of gratitude and contentment. It is more than simply enough. We are living in abundance. Of light and love--living water--drawn up from a well that belongs to the Maker of man, and it was Christ who showed us how to drink and live forever. It was Christ who bridged the gap between the seen and the unseen, the flesh and the spirit, the certainty and the mystery, it was He who broke death in half for all to see, the man who lay dead and breathed again. In Him are hidden the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, and we are in Him now.

Our eyes have beheld the sky. Our ears have heard the ancient song. We have tasted the sweetness. We too will breathe again.

I believe these things in my heart.

I confess this truth with my mouth.


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