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The Greater Reset

I don’t know if there is time to stop the great reset. It can only be combatted with a different kind of great reset, one based upon divine love and a recognition of the image of God in all men.

That love and that image will conquer all in the end, but for right now, in these days in which we live, the docile and dormant have allowed the great reset to be set in motion.

Power, shifted from the individual into the hands of the masters of the collective. And all who stand between this transfer will become enemies of the state, are already enemies of the state, hindrances to the new world order. More dangerous than foreign enemies are the enemies within, the domestic enemies who are still clinging to the notion that God made them and thus they have worth and rights that supersede the laws of men.

Those who have yet to submit their minds and hearts to the collective, the machine prowling the earth, tilling it for the planting of tomorrow’s harvest.

The world is broken and being broken still, intentionally.

While Facebook tries to sell you an expensive set of sheets there are Haitians lying on the border waiting for a flight to take them anywhere, they don’t know the destination, it doesn’t matter, while Afghanis cling to the sides of airplanes that will take them anywhere, it doesn’t matter, Europe, the USA, who cares, while Syrians huddle into boats and squeeze their children as the waves carry them anywhere, what does it matter? They want to escape and go to an earlier version of the government from which they flee. They can go back in time, maybe they’ll be dead before the US turns into Haiti, if they’re lucky, it’s a calculated risk.

Waiting on the shores are photographers who snap photos of the dead, the ones who don’t survive the journey, the younger the victim the better because they’re worth more money, photos to be sold to newspapers, newspapers to be sold to you, you to become afraid or indignant or heartbroken, any emotion will do, because you’re going to pay for the new world, your labor rewarded and that reward handed over at gunpoint to those who decide what’s best, for those who dictate the rules of the world.

This is now your bill but don’t worry because you will also be accommodated, Mother hasn’t forgotten you of course, you’re getting a brand new road! You’re getting a new slide at the park that is closed off with yellow tape! You’re getting free money pumped into your account month after month, you, the one who ought to be at home in a mask if you know what’s good for you, you who better get the booster, you who shouldn’t be out and about if you can help it, you who need to learn your lesson that the government knows what’s best for you and if you don’t listen, if you don’t comply, you will either die or become a killer yourself. You don’t want to be a killer, do you? Stay home, comply, submit, be happy when you see the free money, and Facebook doesn’t want you to forget the bed, it’s still waiting and just right for you, one click to buy, just a click, consider how great your house will look while you stay there forever. You’re not supposed to notice that the money is becoming less and less valuable and the bed is becoming more and more expensive, the more that money is printed and pumped the more you will need, until you transform into a dependent of the state. The rules of scarcity and value, supply and demand can only be manipulated for so long until the course is corrected.

We are in the early stages of the correction. The pieces are in motion.

You must decide if you will be reset according to their plans or if you will enact a different kind of reset, based upon divine love.


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