What happens to the man of God when his calling is at odds with the state?


We are about to find out.


For centuries, the American man has been able to practice faith freely and without persecution. He has been able to have it all: the well-paying job, the yearly vacation, the good standing in his community, the certainty that his inherent rights are protected by the constitution. Those days have come to an end. Christ once said that he did not come to bring peace, but rather, a sword.


That sword has come upon us today.


Brothers, I fear that we are on the verge of a violent revolution in this nation. Chaos has been planted in the culture and in the minds of children for decades, and soon we will reap what they have sown. Who is to blame but ourselves? While we smiled and nodded, they planted. While we turned a blind eye, they planted. While we dismissed them as radicals, they planted. In schools, in culture, in medicine, in technology, they planted, and soon they will try to force the harvest down our throats.


As I write this, the streets of our cities are burning at the hands of black-masked revolutionaries, lawless and godless people who have no moral or religious plumb line drawing them towards order. Blood has been shed from coast to coast, but more will be shed in the days to come.


God-willing, this round of riots will subside. But has the heart of chaos not been exposed? Have they not revealed their intentions, and what measures they will take to achieve those intentions? The streets may clear and the torches may be extinguished, but these violent revolutionaries aren’t going anywhere. They will return again and again at both real and manufactured provocations. The mob has proven to be useful and malleable.


Tell me, O men of God, what will happen when a truly charismatic leader comes along who unifies the violent nihilism of the mob and points them at you? Does this seem so far away?


Understand that the same story has already played out in numerous nations, with the same ultimate result. If we know our history, we should not be surprised.


Collectivism is always born with the same hopeful and hollow words upon her lips: fairness, equality, justice. The revolution begins peacefully but must grow more and more militant as free-minded individuals push back against being ruled by the totalitarian state. The man of God cannot be ruled by a state or a mob; he answers to God alone. For this reason, the state and the mob must crush him. He stands in the way of the state seizing ultimate power. If one mind is free, all minds are at risk of being set free. We have not come into the fullness of that reality yet, but the seeds of revolution are obvious.


Violent collectivist forces have been growing in plain sight over the last few decades, unchecked, unafraid to openly threaten the nation and its people. We as the church have stood idly by, unwilling to confront our enemies for fear of being labeled too aggressive or too conspiratorial. Our inclinations and callings are toward peacemaking, and so we do nothing and hope for peace. We have hoped they would stay confined to certain cities or lose their vigor over time. Instead, the violent collectivists have spread to every major city. They are emboldened by riots and death. As we’ve turned our eyes and gone about our business, a communist, anti-family, anti-God ideology has infiltrated every major institution—schools, universities, media, entertainment, city councils, community groups. We fed the enemy and gave him quarter because we did not wish to offend him or cause a scene. Now he wishes to feed on us.


If you still think a violent collectivist revolution can’t happen here, you only lack knowledge of history. You have not seen the men of God crushed and persecuted across the centuries only because you have been unwilling to look. We are in an age-old battle of the individual versus the de-individualized collective—the image-bearer of God versus the nihilist who has forfeited the image for a bowl of poisoned stew. The church and the sacred individual are incompatible with collectivism. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum and make no room for one another. Our struggle is against fatherless, totalitarian homogenizers who cannot allow you and your family to exist unless you are willing to bow. They are a swarm of locusts devouring anyone who stands in the way.


And yet, there you are, standing in the way.


Will you bow or rise up? Will you hide in silence or will you roar?


The scriptures give us precedent of men who would not be controlled by the state or the culture of the day, even at the risk of losing their own lives. Moses stood against the power of Pharaoh. Elijah refused to bow to Baal or the mob of worshipers. Daniel disobeyed the orders of the king. Paul challenged the gods of Athens and Rome. Stephen spoke what was not allowed to be spoken. Christ Himself defied the rulers of Jerusalem. These men and many others suffered by standing for what is right and true. It is this life of courage that we must bear. It is this suffering that we must come to expect, accept, cherish. 


The age of the docile churchgoer has come to an end. There is no more going along and getting along. In the days to come, we will have no use for weak men. We will have no use for those who are quick to submit to the mob. Dismiss the soft-minded and capitulating men who mistakenly believe that they reflect Christ in weakness rather than in His power. These men will get our families killed. We serve a God who carved order out of the void and is intent on crushing darkness for eternity. I am devoted to that same work.


So what then?


Let us prepare our minds, bodies, and souls for the inevitability of what is to come. Pray without ceasing, read the scripture, study history, fill your heart with beauty and song, learn to protect yourself, your family, and the innocent, grow more courageous each day, take survival seriously. Remember that you are made in the image of God, and the Lion of Judah is running through your veins.


So rise and roar, O men of God!


Rise and roar against the perversion of the Gospel in our churches.

Rise and roar against the purveyors of chaos.

Rise and roar against those who wish to destroy the family.

Rise and roar against the fatherless totalitarian homogenizers.

Rise and roar against the digital brothels in every screen.

Rise and roar against the profiteers of desperation.

Rise and roar against the traffickers, pedophiles, and perverts.

Rise and roar against the soft-minded weaklings among you.

Rise and roar against the dehumanizers and de-individualizers.

Rise and roar against the brainwashers of children.

Rise and roar against the chemical castrators of the mind.

Rise and roar against the sewer of filth in entertainment.

Rise and roar against the culture of death.


For we have been called to live and live abundantly.