Do not be ashamed of your father and mother.

You still think they made a choice, but a choice was made for them. The great battle of the earliest days was waged between the nature allowed by the Creator and the result he required. Do you really think he turned his head, and they betrayed him? Do you really think the Creator placed a tree in the center of the garden so man would never go to it? Are you the same man who thinks Christ was surprised, and not grateful, for the betrayal of Judas Iscariot?

Still you think two roads were available to take.

I was already here when they walked beneath a tree and plucked a fruit from its branches. They did not create me out of thin air.

Breathe. Rest.  

Let us review the events in question.

First came Adam, and he had perfect access to the Creator. But this was not enough to fulfill him, so the Creator made woman. Man and woman became one flesh, man’s desire quenched for a short time. And all was well in the land of Eden, until the woman found the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the center of the garden – a place she was not allowed to go.

And in a series of events, a snake convinces the woman to eat of the forbidden fruit, the woman convinces the man to join her, and a perfect Creator’s perfect plans fall into pieces. The world, as you repeat over and over, is fallen. A new plan must be made.

For your purposes, this is a convenient storyline.

It turns you into God, which is what you have always wanted. You foam at the mouth like a dog waiting on scraps. Your decision turned the story in a new direction, making you the storyteller.  

You think I’m talking you in circles and confusing your mind. I’m walking a straight road, but it’s a road you’ve never traveled. You are still operating under the assumption that your miniscule choices in your miniscule life shift the overarching story being told by the Creator. Those you call Adam and Eve are your greatest proof of this power. Cling to them all you wish, but they will turn to dust in your arms.

One event does not lead to the next. All of the events have already occurred and are occurring as we speak. The line that time travels would devastate you.

Hear me: They were always going to eat the fruit.

How else could the story be told?

Judas was always going to betray Jesus Christ.

How else could the story be told?

The choice was made long ago in the deepest caves where time and story and nature were conceived.

Now that we have climbed this mountain we can look over the valley below and accept the route we must take. You and I will be traveling together. You cannot choose to travel alone. We have always been traveling together, just as I traveled with your father and all of the fathers before him. Some of you wish to fight me. You retreat to monasteries or surround yourself with church walls and there I wait on sunny hillsides.


What’s the use of pursuing you when you are constantly pursuing me?

You hate me. You love me. But we will be traveling companions. I recommend that you accept who I am, and accept who you are, and no one will have to carry the blame. None of us need to be ashamed. If God made me to be your companion, and he made you to be a fool, then let me help you be a fool.

Behold, the contents of your bloodstream:

Adam and Eve gave birth to sons, Cain and Abel. One day Cain murdered his brother Abel in the fields. Let us note that the first death did not come at the hands of age or disease. Adam did not fall out of a tree and break his neck. Cain murdered his brother, and Death walked into life and made himself at home. The Creator looked at the work of his own hands and understood the depravity of your being. He saw the violence spreading from hand to hand and the wickedness on earth, and so he sent a flood to wash everything away. Only Noah and his family remained as the rains filled the oceans and spilled them over all that came before.

Is the architecture flawed, or the architect?

You like the flood just as you like the tree, because the choices you made altered the choices made by the Creator. He must respond to you. You ring the bell and he comes calling.   

As the rains poured down and the seas rose, men cried out for help as water filled their lungs and washed them back into the chaos. But I sat on the hillsides with my brother Death. We waited in the sunshine and talked of old days. We saw a ship pass by, but this ship we did not follow. Because it would float past again and again, and one day the ship would dock on the hillside and Noah would reach out his hand for me. 


I’m being overly kind. Let’s stop talking in circles.

The Creator made you a slave, and he made me the slaveholder.

And out of my own goodwill I’ve bound you in chains of silk and velvet. I placed a gold chain around your neck and rings on your fingers.

Tell me: who is your enemy?