He rested, and man took a breath.


I waited on the sunny hillsides to play the part I was always intended to play. There is no need to chase time when time will come to you.


This is the reckoning of truth and what you’ve been told all of these years. You built your empire on the lie, but here is where your empire must crumble. All of these years you have read the words in your books and seen two distinct outcomes from Eden. Two roads splitting in the desert with one leading to an oasis and the other to death. In your understanding, the man and the woman could have taken either one of the roads, yet chose the path of rebellion. You lament their choice. You lean on their mistake as an explanation for who you are, and why your own road has led to ineptitude. You blame them for the rapists and the murderers and the thieves who surround you. And the fake empire continues to rise.

Lift your eyes and look into mine.


There has never been a second road.


If a second road existed, what would that make the God we love? Do you really believe a single decision by man could shift the story of creation? And if a single man has enough power to influence the overarching story told by the Creator, then which of them is truly God?


Who pulls the strings on eternity?

Stand up straight.

We will arrive at the end of these questions, but first let us sit in the sunshine and wait on time to arrive. For now, you must know one thing: I was here at the beginning. And I have been here all along. I’m with you now. Hanging around your neck. Pulling you towards the ground where you must return.


Man breathed, and life filled his lungs. He walked the garden in the presence of the Creator and all of creation. He absorbed into his soul the beasts and the plants and the air and the planets above. He looked into a sky that was always changing. The wind circled the earth and came back around to touch his skin. He found himself on the heights and looked over the earth spread out below. And this he knew: God is good.


And this I know: God is.


The man we call Adam gave some order to the chaos of creation. He managed the days and worked the soil. He named the beasts one by one and these names they accepted and carried into their hideaways. He made sense of his days and feared not my friend called Death.


And now, the first stone of your empire must fall. Because your empire is built on the false foundation that creation was perfect.


And perhaps this is true, if the only judge of creation is God. But if the judge of creation is man, then the premise is false.


Because man became lonely. He felt emptiness.  


God alone was not enough to satisfy man’s eternal, uninhibited existence. A lack of death was not enough to satisfy man’s craving for life. He sat at the table with the Creator of all things and feasted until his belly could take no more, and he asked who else was invited to partake. It was not good for man to be alone. God initiated the journey and man grew weary of his company. He wanted more. What does this suggest about the ‘relationship’ with God that you seek in desperation?


You don’t want to believe me. You will raise the swords of your arguments and wage war. But the man you call Adam desired a companion, and the Creator of a perfect creation was convinced it was not perfect. So the Creator amended his creation on behalf of man’s fleeting happiness.

I am afraid, at this juncture, that you are beginning to mistake my intentions. You still believe the answers are within your reach. You still believe your mind can hold the mechanics of a billion universes working together at once. I’m asking you to give up. I’m asking you to think about a lonely man in a garden you think was designed to be perfect.

The garden was designed to be flawed. Otherwise there is no story.


Just as the Creator pulled the canyons out of the deep he brought forth woman as a companion for man. They moved through the garden naked and without shame. The man showed her the animals and spoke their names aloud so she could learn to speak them on her tongue. They became one flesh. The nights of Eden grew quiet and predictable in the wake of a chaotic creation. The weather changed. The beasts cried out and the sun poured down. The rivers overflowed only so they could dry up. Life with the man and the woman you call Adam and Eve passed quietly for days and months and years. But if I have learned anything about man, he will fill the quiet with his voice.

He will fill the emptiness with his own creation.

He will look at the vast great places and build an altar to me, and there he will burn the sacrifices deserved by another.

In this quiet I sat on the hillside, the sun on my face and the moon creeping through my blood.

What use is pursuing time when time is already pursuing me?