I am worthy.

I am a man of principals. 

I rise by first light and work over creation.

I rule the birds of the sky and the beasts of the field. 

I rule the weak because the Lord made me strong.  

I entertain no regrets.

I deliver the justice of the Lord.

I wash blood from my hands for the sake of the kingdom. 

I decide who is worthy.

I see your heart. 

I see your wicked deeds. 

I weigh them on the scales of righteousness.

I offer you a sword in one hand and redemption in the other. 

I kill no one who is worthy to live. 

I will escape this land and return to the place I belong. 

I will return to my people, my family. 

I am a king.

I am a ruler.

I am a warrior.  

I am called to brave the seas alone. 

I wait for the Lord to send me a good tide.

I wait for the Lord to recognize his beloved son, the king.

I follow the instructions of the Lord. 

I deserve the love of the Lord.

I am a man of principals.

I am worthy.