* This passage was originally written as the voiceover for the feature film Genesis. 

If I am your creation, then your heart is a hurricane.

You give me the chaos of fire and ashes.

Death that goes into the soil and returns as life.

The swell of wind blowing across my face and moving the sands from one place to another.

The slow carving of a canyon into the belly of the mysterious deep.

Mountains of ice and salt too vast to explore or be understood.

We die a thousand times in our broken hearts, and you give us life to overcome. 

Protect me.

We can’t do anything without reflecting your heart.

Without letting your secrets escape.

Not the secrets you keep, but the secrets we keep about you.

That you are dangerous.

That somewhere beauty and power meet with such force that none can withstand the sight.

This is you, my creator.

This is you, my maker.

You are not only merciful, you are mercy.

You are not only loving, you are love.

You are not only beautiful, you are beauty.

I am an extension of the maker.

I can reflect you, but I fear to look upon you.

To know myself is to glimpse the maker. 

Take me to the place we started.

Near you.

Give us this final gift.

Lead us to the horizon where you wait.

Show us the hidden paths through the garden.

Let us find your hand in the fog.