* This passage was originally written as the voiceover for the feature film Genesis. 

We stand between the horizons, watching for the light to give us a way to go.

There you say you wait.

Are you waiting still?

The space between is vast and travelers need to rest.

Let us build a fire and sing.

Let us tell stories and look up at the stars.

Let us dream of the ones we love and those we have lost.

Anything to keep us from the death to which you call us.

You say that life is only given after death, and nature says that you are true.

We will rise by light and approach the horizons tomorrow.

The river breathes softly for many years, and one day has left a canyon.

The rock cannot withstand the mysterious deep, and gives itself away until it is something new and beautiful and majestic.

You are the river, and I the stone trying to withstand this flood.

Cut me down the center and make me beautiful.

I am ready to walk into the end and into the beginnings you have laid down at your feet.

In this desperation we see ourselves for the first time, and in an instant we are bathed in the majesty of all life as you have made it.

Let us sleep by the fires tonight, and we will rise by light.

I need the courage to die.