* This passage was originally written as the voiceover for the feature film Genesis. 

It is love that shackles me.

I want to protect you.

But he asks me to give you away, my own flesh.

The more we love the more we are able to be wounded.

You are going to break me.

You will take my heart away and here I will stand alone.

A mother should not be separated from her son.  

This is why I pray for courage.

God of light.

God of love.

You fill our hearts with love that exposes us to the light and the darkness.

All you are offering me is darkness.

An invitation to the death of who I wish to be.

A death of the love you gave me on the day he was born from my womb.

Here I am broken.

God of light.

God of love.

You bring us together.

Raise up our families.

You join our hearts and our bodies.

We journey into the wildness, into the dream alongside those who call us father, mother, lover, friend.

The journey is too much to bear alone.

Don’t leave us without companions.

Don’t strip us of our families.

May the ones who flow in and out of our lives remind us of the dream you gave us, and may we never fear what your wilderness will do to us.

Nothing is safe.  

God of light.

God of love. 

I ask that you prove yourself as such.