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A 7-book series about order, chaos, and the calling of God in our lives 
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Can a nation be ruled by God?


Patriarch is a story about a man who refuses to bow to the kingdom trying to rule him. 

Logos discovers ancient fire on the mountain and commissions his twelve sons to carry the flame to the nations and declare that man’s worth is based on what is already in their blood: the image of God. As Logos remains obedient to the calling, he faces brutal resistance from a despotic king building a tower of gold, and also from his eldest son who betrays him in exchange for power. Drawing from major themes of the Old Testament, Patriarch is a collection of narrative poetry about what happens when the calling of God in your life is at odds with the ambitions of tyrannical rulers.


Patriarch is Book 1 of the Theology Series. 

Read Patriarch if you are asking: Why do people submit to evil rulers? 

God is and I am too. 


Defector is a story about a musical prodigy who uses his gift to glorify God in man rather than the communist state in which he lives. On the centennial celebration of the revolution, Vulcan returns from the wilderness and publicly defies the totalitarian ruler by declaring that man’s worth is based on God rather than his usefulness to the state. The state begins a massive manhunt for Vulcan while he goes town to town spreading the message that man is more than a submissive citizen, but rather a living image of God. Drawing on Biblical themes, Defector is about what happens when a nation erases the individual, and what happens when an individual refuses to be erased. 


Defector is Book 2 of the Theology Series by Craig Cunningham.

Read Defector if you are asking: How can I resist a tyrannical state?

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What light dawns upon this land of death

and who has the courage to let it kill them?


Reza is the story of a survivor of an atomic bomb who is called to rebuild the destroyed city. In the aftermath of the explosion, Zahid spends his days and nights ferrying refugees across the sea. But a voice has told him to re-light the altar in the center of the war-torn city, and that One is coming who will crush the darkness for eternity. To re-light the altar he must overcome the violent forces who wish to embrace the devastation and keep mankind in perpetual chaos. Drawing on Biblical themes of Jonah, Genesis, John the Baptist, and Judges, Reza is a story about human depravity and what it costs to prepare the way for the kingdom to come. 


Reza is Book 3 of the Theology Series by Craig Cunningham.


Read Reza if you are asking: How can God allow evil and suffering? 

The kingdom is at hand. 


Nazarene is a collection of narrative poems that moves chronologically through the Gospel of John, but also draws imagery from other books of scripture and significant historical events. As the poems move chapter to chapter through John, common themes arise of fatalism, the elasticity of time, and the all-consuming cost of following Jesus. Ultimately, this is a story about the Hour of Jesus Christ, and how time is both fractured and fulfilled by His life and death. Nazarene is a beautiful, unexpected, and sometimes brutal presentation of the Gospel that will challenge softer narratives about God’s intentions for us. 


Nazarene is Book 4 of the Theology Series by Craig Cunningham. 

Read Nazarene if you are asking: What is the cost of following Jesus?

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All that will be already is,

and all you see is yours. 


Vigil is the story of a husband and wife who navigate the leadership of an underground church in a totalitarian state, knowing that if they are caught they will be publicly executed. Word has come to Kruso and Elle that ancient wells are on the verge of flooding and giving birth to the new Eden, and they are tasked with unleashing living water upon the earth. As enemies of God and agents of the state close in on them, Kruso and Elle are in a race against time to bring about the new kingdom. Drawing on themes from Paul’s epistles and Revelation, this is a story about the end of days and the fulfilment of prophecy. 


Vigil is Book 5 of the Theology Series by Craig Cunningham. 

Read Vigil if you are asking: Who will be saved and who will be condemned?

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